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EXTONS & THISOPTION: The Best Binary Option , Forex , Stocks , Crypto Trading Platform

EXTONS & THISOPTION: The Best Binary Option , Forex , Stocks , Crypto Trading Platform
EXTONS stands for the “TONS Exchange.” They are here as a platform for all businesses to support their projects at a low cost by raising capital. Their services span worldwide and are easy to access. Investors from all walks of life can invest in potential projects, helping businesses complete their goals using their assets, without any hassles. This is the platform is showing us how to get benefits with the expanding cryptocurrency industry. The company for a confident growth of Your investments, as well as for those who are not indifferent to the world of the future with affordable technologies and at reasonable prices. You can trade with simple operations and low costs.
High Liquidity High Liquidity was implemented with a built-in engine that met the wall street industry standards at Extons, making an excellent graphical analysis model implemented, to facilitate users and convenience. More than 250 market parameters and 25/7 provides. in Extons of high support without stopping High liquidity is good..!Extons strength is also very sophisticated and stable, has a multimodular structure that meets the logical and IT supervision requirements in the financial industry, which ensures the operation of our system is stable. The design is implemented very well fathom and back, together with multimodular, increasing our capacity and comfort no doubt and good service for all usersMulti-currency Support Continually introducing and registering quality digital currencies from around the world, giving users various types of transaction services in most digital currencies.
User Experience We provide 24/7 online customer service to ensure smooth operations for every user transaction. Safe and stable We carry out multimodular structures that meet the requirements of the logical structure of IT supervision in the financial industry, which ensures the stable operation of our systems. The front and back designs, together with multi-node and multimodular deployments, increase our capacity and thus provide better services for our customers.
Trading thisoption
Thisoption is the perfect platform for new and experienced traders. With AI technology, new traders do not need to master all trading strategies and methods in order to start investing and make regular profits. They can start with any amount of capital they want and have complete autonomy over how they trade, manage their funds, and when to trade. On the other hand, experienced / master traders can take advantage of the platform's generous leverage and sophisticated interests to make even more money with their skills and experience. While trading with this option may be easy, success is not always guaranteed. Knowing this, this option offers a copy trading tool to allow new traders to learn from the best and trade using master strategies. So what are you waiting for? Time to try this amazing platform from Canada and experience the best the financial trading market has to offer. Good luck there
After a significant stretch of difficult work, the This option Dev Team has effectively associated numerous new installment doors. This is to help the reserve funds program in July for quicker and progressively advantageous administrations. Installment entryways that are acknowledged by the program include:

  • Bitcoin ( BTC )
  • Ripple ( XRP )
  • USDT ( Tether )
  • Ethereum ( ETH )
  • TRON ( TRX )
  • Litecoin ( LTC )
  • Binance Coin ( BNB )
For me info visit ▶ ️ Extons: ▶ ️ THISOPTION: ▶ ️ Whitepaper: ▶ ️ Telegram: ▶ ️ ANN : ▶ ️ Medium:
AUTHOR My Bitcointalk Username: Amendy1;u=2426201
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Welcome to r/Kryll_io - Quick User Guide / Useful ressources. All you need to know to get started

Welcome to this Quick User Guide. If you're new to Kryll you'll find here guides, useful links and resources to get you started on the platform!
What is Kryll?
kryll is a platform that offers powerful automated trading tools (click links to get more info) :
  1. An editor that uses blocks to create strategies without coding skills.
  2. A strategies marketplace where you can rent strategies created by experienced traders. You can also monetize your own strategy.
  3. Smart Trading : Create easily a Stop-Loss take Profits, a smart buy (buy at the best moment), smart sell (sell at the best moment).
  4. A swap feature in your portfolio. This allows you to sell your currencies without having to log on your exchanges.
If you need support, you can go through our ticket system by email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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PCHAIN and Ferrum Network to Increase Utility and Expand Global Reach

PCHAIN and Ferrum Network to Increase Utility and Expand Global Reach
New York/Beijing, November 4, 2019 — PCHAIN, a multi-chain system with built-in support for EVM to making large-scale blockchains possible, and Ferrum Network, a high-speed interoperability network for real-world financial applications, have announced a partnership to expand global reach and increase utility of their token ecosystems.
PCHAIN is the world‘s first native multi-chain system supporting EVM, with original PDBFT algorithm, unified knowledge graph and a smart data oracle mechanism. PCHAIN is committed to support non-native token smart contract calls and improving blockchain performance. PCHAIN makes large-scale industrial applications of blockchain smart contracts possible.
Ferrum Network is a high-speed interoperability network that enables the management, transaction and exchange of any digital asset without taking custody of those assets. Built on a DAG (Directed-Acyclic Graph), Ferrum is faster, less costly and more scalable than traditional blockchains. Ferrum’s high-speed interoperability network supports financial applications such as a fiat gateway and an advanced non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet designed to empower millions of people around the world.
PCHAIN’s strong presence in China, live main net, and membership in the Binance Chain network of projects aligns perfectly with Ferrum Network’s plans to expand into new markets, launch a Chinese version of its non-custodial UniFyre Wallet, and demonstrate commitment to the Binance Chain/DEX ecosystem.

PCHAIN and UniFyre Wallet

UniFyre Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that will enable risk-free OTC trades that eliminate the need for middlemen like escrow agents. With UniFyre’s risk-free OTC feature, users will be able to exchange PI over-the-counter for any other asset in using Ferrum’s advanced OTC function.

PCHAIN and Ferrum Network’s Interoperability Protocol

Ferrum Network’s is developing am interoperability protocol that can connect to any blockchain, allowing users to exchange and transact any asset in milliseconds for near-zero fees.
By integrating with Ferrum’s interoperability network, PI tokens will easily accessible within the UniFyre Wallet (non-custodial wallet with advanced features like risk-free OTC trading), Infinity DEX (high speed cross-chain DEX) and Sub-Zero Wallet (ultra secure cold storage app).
This integration will unlock value for the PI token, increase utility for the FRM token, and introduce a high-quality digital asset into the Ferrum Network ecosystem.

PCHAIN and Ferrum Network’s Chinese Expansion

Leveraging their strong presence in China, PCHAIN will assist Ferrum Network’s expansion into this crucial market as Ferrum launches a Chinese version of the UniFyre Wallet and its other products. And by hosting the PI token, UniFyre Wallet will be able to reach millions of additional users.
“We look forward to working with PCHAIN as we continue expand into the Asian markets, said Ian M. Friend, Esq., Co-Founder of Ferrum Network.
“Ferrum Network is the kind of project that PCHAIN likes to support — one with useful products that can provide real benefits to our users. We are excited to bring this partnership for the benefit of our community,” said Dr. Jeff Cao, PhD, Founder of PCHAIN.
About Ferrum Network
Ferrum Network is a blockchain-based FinTech company bringing world-class financial products to emerging markets. Ferrum’s high-speed interoperability network supports financial applications such as fiat gateways, non-custodial wallet, and cold-storage application designed to empower millions of people around the world by giving them control of their financial lives. For more information, visit
Ferrum Network Links:
Bitcoin Talk:
PCHAIN, the Super-Ethereum, is the largest scale native EVM multichain system in the world, which can support 256 child chains across continents with 180K TPS and confirm transaction in seconds. PCHAIN is the first public chain investment in Asia Pacific by Google incubator Plug & Play. Meanwhile, it has received strategic investment from more than 40 top-level global funds such as FBG, Torque, QUESCHAIN, Node Capital, LD Capital, JRR and Block VC, etc. PCHAIN was founded by renowned senior experts including the first inventor of international blockchain patent in China, a Singapore Presidential Awards winner and a National “Thousand People Plan”professor. It’s designed to make large scale blockchain applications possible. At present, PCHAIN has achieved strategic cooperation with many Fortune 500 companies.
You can follow PCHAIN below
Telegram 1, Telegram(Chinese Community) Telegram(Russian Community), Telegram(Spanish Community) Telegram(Germany Community), Telegram (French Community) Telegram (Vietnam Community), Telegram (Japanese Community) Telegram Announcement Channel Twitter, Reddit FoundeCEO’s Twitter
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[PLEASE READ] ZClassic > BitcoinPrivate Snapshot/Fork Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) MEGATHREAD 2.0

I’ve been seeing a lot of repeated questions being asked every day so an updated FAQ/Megathread to address all of those questions will be detailed here. If we are missing something, please feel free to let us know and we will add it. We will try to edit this posting as more information becomes available.
Keep in mind the official Bitcoin Private Support portal has now been launched. We have a live chat feature to chat with support, as well as a knowledge base. Please visit the portal at and use the knowledge base’s search function before asking other users.
Snapshot/Fork FAQ
Claiming BTCP Coins
BTCP/ZCL Exchange and Wallet Support
Donations and Contributions program
BTCP Mining
Wallet Troubleshooting
Miscellaneous/BTCP Project Questions
Donate towards the BTCP contribution team, Your donations are 100% voluntary but they are much appreciated!
ZCL: t1gsePJZ6ojJYygj3PWMGJfojPUoMd5AVfU
BTC: 14Xmfm9jf4h1h4RXZBQCFK6i4LWibqWVPu
BTCP Related Important Links
For the official list of links from the BTCP Github, refer to the repo.
Just a re-iteration, the BTCP team has launched the support portal offering resources ranging from live support from our teams, as well as a knowledge base that is constantly being updated. Again, please feel free to let me know any questions that’s not currently listed above and we will do our best to answer and include it in the megathread.
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Weekly Update: ParGas is live, 2gether at South Summit, $ETHOS rebrand, updated $1UP tokenomics... – 27 Sep - 3 Oct'19

Weekly Update: ParGas is live, 2gether at South Summit, $ETHOS rebrand, updated $1UP tokenomics... – 27 Sep - 3 Oct'19
Hi everyone! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (27 Sep - 3 Oct'19):

ParGas went live this week. From now on, you will get an additional option to pay for gas in $PAR when making ERC20 withdrawals from ParJar. Epic! Read all about it here. In this week’s Parena, Samuel defeated Martha in a quick finale to take home the lion’s share of the 100k $PAR pot. The #PAR4PAR contest entered stage 4. 200k $PAR in prizes. Insane! In this week’s Tiproom trivias, Ridwan hosted a 10 question quiz for 25k $PAR in total. There was another Math trivia for 25k $PAR more. Sweet! Doc Victor hosted a Champions League wager for 50 participants with a 10k $PAR pool.
This PAR logo is entirely made using ASCII code. Courtesy: Jose

Tiproom #mememania winners. Alimam and Rogel were tied in 1st place
The winner of the USD 500 BTC aXpire contest was announced this week. Congratulations to yo*******[email protected]! Rohit and my article on how Big Co and Big Guv is using blockchain was published in Altcoin Magazine. Week 39 update from the aXpireverse can be seen here. The weekly 20k $AXPR burn went ahead like clockwork. The latest 2gether app update now allows you to send $BTC and $ETH from your account to any wallet. Noice! The team, in the midst of shifting offices, set up camp at South Summit where 2gether is one of the finalist startups. Click here, here and here for pictures. As a finalist at the Summit, CEO Ramon got the opportunity to deliver a pitch to attendees. Plus interviews by Emprendiendo.TV and Funontheride. Great! The WednesdayClub dApp continues to airdrop $WED tokens every Wednesday. Make sure to get in on the action.
Parachute HQ recently shifted to the WeWork Navy Yards in NYC. Beautiful
XIO’s Binance Dex listing proposal* was submitted this week. For listing on the Dex, all projects submit detailed proposals and answer questions from the Binance Node operator community who then evaluate and decide on the listing. Read more about it here. Plus, there’s a hint of an $XIO doubling opportunity in there. The full roadmap (XIO Atlas) was also released with the proposal. An updated promo video came out as well. $XIO distribution to the giveaway winners was completed this week. In this week's discussion threads, Zachary talks about leverage, ERC20-BEP2 bridge, XIO capital and how many native tokens will incubated startups share with XIO citizens. The $BOMB Instagram is now handled by the community. So the BOMB Board opened up a proposal form for opinions from the community on how best to manage it.
\[As shared in last update, the switch to Binance Chain has been shelved. $XIO will stay on Ethereum. But there will still be a token swap. Details will be shared in a later update]*
Two updates back we saw the WIP version. Here’s the full version of XIO Atlas
The $ETHOS token will be rebranding to Voyager ($VGX). The new token will be unveiled in November. Please note that there is no contract swap. This will simply be a rename. You can read more about it here. The bitcointalk Ann goes into even more details on the rebranded token’s use-cases. Understandably, there were lots of questions that came up. So the team arranged an AMA. If you missed it, check out the FAQ. Voyager also received investment from Thrust Capital through a private placement this week. Nice! Congratulations to Bounty0x for getting accepted to the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program. This is huge! The latest update is a great summary the past quarter @Bounty0x – reaching minimum fund raise goal on Republic, new features like Admin Notes, $BNTY staking, integration with Bloom and KABN etc. Fantom hosted an AMA with G.Crypto this week. CMO Michael shared a formalised roadmap article as well to answer all “when” questions. Plus, click here for some cool pics from CryptoBazar Serial Hacking meetup which the $FTM team attended. Uptrenndians, don’t forget to read the $1UP tokenomics update. It explains how the token velocity will work in a way such that everyone gets an equal opportunity at stacking $1UPs no matter when they join. BTW, if you didn’t notice yet, Uptrenndian made it to the Urban Dictionary. You can vote to keep it there forever. Let’s go! One way to beat Monday morning blues is a healthy dose of Meme Mondays while watching the site climb up the Alexa rankings. Haha. And finally, the team announced a partnership with Xord who will work on the blockchain solutions on the platform.
Parachute investor deck sneak peek
Mycro conducted KYC for bounty hunters and started a campaign to stop fake entries. OST-backed Pepo app moved to the first live beta stage this week as a precursor to a formal beta launch and presentation at Ethereum DevCon5 in Osaka next week. The team also shared details of how to hop in for a free Shabu Shabu dinner and pub crawl for Pepo beta users at DevCon5. And on top of that, a massive bounty for sharing IRL experiences on Pepo. Dang! Another bounty for usability testing of Pepo with the UX Team was also launched. 3k $OST for each selected participant. Say what! The OST-backed LGBT token now has 4k+ users thanks to the Hornet app. Well done! SelfKey announced a partnership with social watching platform Livetree for providing them KYC compliance solutions during onboarding process. Make sure to read the post to find out how to get a 90-day free subscription on the platform. If you haven't yet watched Constellation advisor and former Sanrio CEO Ray Rehito Hatoyama's interview with Co-Founder Benjamin Jorgensen, you can read about it in The Daily Chain's detailed coverage. If you're a $DAG node operator, this tweet will be of interest to you. Hint: onboarding has started. Folks who missed Constellation's AMA with tehMoonwalkeR can catch up from the transcript. And finally, Arena Match hosted a flash giveaway. Eagle eyed fans got their hands on some sweet $AMGO!
Pepo ready to make waves at DevCon5
The month gone by at Opacity saw a 20% increase in new accounts and a ~20% return rate on the site. Read more performance metrics from CEO Jason’s round up article. This month will see a slew of new features like integrated gift card payments, plan upgrades, folder upload etc. A productive community doesn’t stop BUIDLing. Check out ImgOpq which is a community run imageboard that works with public Opacity handles. Fun! Catch up on the latest at District0x from the weekly and dev update. Plus, a shoutout to Ethlance from Jaide of Cryptalk was pretty cool. More partners joined the Hydro dApp store this week including Temporal, MESG and Colony. Hydrogen won the USA Nationals of the BBVA Open Talent Award which is one of the world’s largest fintech startup competitions. As a result, the team won the opportunity to present at the BBVA Open Summit in Madrid. Co-Founder Mike travelled to the World Blockchain Forum Conference in NYC to speak on Libra vs Hydro and data privacy. The South African Reserve Bank shortlisted Hydro for an accelerator programme in South Africa which will culminate in a Demo Day at the end of the month. Two winners from the Demo Day will be chosen who will get to pitch at the Singapore Fintech Festival and receive funding. Good Luck! To read a quick dev update, click here. The Sentivate community voted on whether to burn $SNTVT tokens or host a raffle. One way to participate in the vote was by signing a message through one’s wallet. How? Read this to find out. Chico Crypto’s deep dive interview with Founder Thomas Marchi was released this week. Continuing with last week’s discussion on universal domain system, this week we learned about how Domain Information Service works in the Universal Web.

And with that, it’s a close for this week at Parachute. Cheerio!
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Weekly Update: ParJar hits 1k, aXpire appeal to PAR fam, Fantom crushing it, 2gether presale... - 15 Mar - 21 Mar'19

Weekly Update: ParJar hits 1k, aXpire appeal to PAR fam, Fantom crushing it, 2gether presale... - 15 Mar - 21 Mar'19
Sup Guys! Here’s another detailed update for the week that was at Parachute (15-21 Mar’19):

We reached 1000 members in ParJar this week! This called for a celebration Parena. And games master Jason answered the call with a battlefest like never before. Alexis beat FwBastille in a long and bloody finale to take home a big chunk from the 300k PAR pot. March Madness is now live! Hope you made good picks. Brackets are locked and now visible. 475k PAR is on the table. If you want to watch the tourney, stream here. Parachute + aXpire hosted DoTA 2 competition is still open for entries. 1.25M PAR + 10k AXPR on the line. Get in! Click here for more details. The teams will play on 6th April 8 PM EST. Did you make your entry for the charity Parena yet? It will be held on 14 April and is a buy-in Parena. Make a minimum 5 USD donation to Clinton’s charity either through ParJar (tip Clinton) or directly (share proof with Jason) and stand a chance to win a unique t-shirt.
Alexis’ Shrike’s journey to victory in the 1k celebration Parena
aXpire has officially entered the prestigious list of tokens (“The Pool”) that will be voted on for listing on Ethfinex (voting starts on 2nd April). aXpire calls on the Parachute community to help them get over the final hurdle. You’ll need EVTs (Ethfinex Voting Tokens) to vote for aXpire. Check out this article on how to get EVT. aXpire will rebate the community for their ETH spent on EVT voted. Make sure to submit details of your EVT purchase and vote to get the rebate. Also, there's an additional draw for a chance to win 1000 USD in AXPR for voters. Details here. Let’s do this folks! Let’s get on Ethfinex! In more aXpire news, 10k more AXPR was burnt as part of the weekly burn event. Still figuring out, how to use MatchBX to find work? Have a look at this cool infographic to get your questions answered. aXpire was listed on Blockfolio signals this week. All Blockfolio users who track AXPR or have it added to their portfolio will now get updates from the team through push notifications. At aXpire, the team strives to make a positive dent on the world. Here’s their positive dent for this week: Visiting SOS Children’s Villages in India. Pictures from the event coming soon!
The Pool. Get voting, folks!
This has been the biggest week at 2gether yet! Let’s see if I can cover it all in one paragraph. 2gether took part in a pitching contest at CryptoMondays Madrid for tickets to Paris Blockchain Week and won! The winner was determined by the audience. Here’s a few pics from the event. 2gether’s Eurozone expansion beyond Spain was featured on Coindesk and shared by FinTech Futures. Crypto Zombie also featured the card in his video around the 19:27 mark. Some more notable features were on and BlockTV. The presale ANN also went up this week! Get in on the discussion. A good question or thoughtful post on BCT can earn you some sweet 2GB from their admins on TG. Did you know that participating in the presale could entitle you to some great bonuses? Check them out here. 2gether CEO Ramon was interviewed by Forbes radio a few weeks back. The interview is out now. Spanish speakers, have a listen. Plus, 2gether is launching an ambassador program for its most loyal users in Eurozone. If you’re interested, fill out this form and the team will connect to you. Whew! All fitted in one paragraph. Done.
A bank so efficient that it returns revenue to customers. Only at 2gether!
Like always, Fantom has been killing it! Chico Crypto reviewed Fantom in a 10 minute long video explaining its DAG structure. Look out for the lambo at 8:29 mark. Crypto Surge’s review of Fantom came out this week as well. Fantom joined Binance Info’s transparency initiative for which they received the V-Label. This label certifies that the project team is itself updating and maintaining its information on Binance Info. Transparency FTW! Fantom CEO Dr. Ahn presented at the WeGO Activities Briefing Session to municipal representatives from member cities of WeGO. He explained how Fantom could help development of smart cities in his presentation. Crypto researcher Jonathan Habicht published a review report of FTM. They scored 55/76. Pretty awesome! Axsonex’s project report on Fantom was also released. Here’s their tweet on it. And finally, Fantom was listed on Digifinex on the 19th. What a way to cap off the week!
Confused? Check out Chico Crypto’s Fantom Review to learn more
All XENB holders received the XEN profit sharing token this week. XENB is obsolete now that we all have our XEN. Woot! Trading gurus, get ready for the battle of the bots competition on 6th and 7th April. Top trading algos will make a ton of XEN plus some fiat (to buy more XEN. Haha). You can read about details of the competition here. Plus, there’s an ongoing bug bounty program to make even more XEN. Dean Papas from ETC Labs explained these giveaways in his Explore the Chain video at 1:46 mark. Keith Koo from the radio show 'Silicon Valley Insider' interviewed Shuvro and Brian on how the Cryzen platform functions. Check out the podcast here.
Can you spot Shuvro & Brian in this pic with Vijay Ullal, Seabed VC, addressing the ETC Labs cohort?
Now onto some news from our newest partners! Blockport enabled ETH and BPT deposits this week. Plus, a new partnership with TUSD was announced in preparation for their upcoming STO. Opacity-ParJar partnership has been rocking the show! A ton of OPQ was tipped to new members in the run up to 3k members in Opacity TG. Plus, a number of updates are listed in their March interim report: upcoming CCN interview, team changes etc. Have a read to know more. Check out District0x’s weekly update and dev report to get a lowdown on all that’s been happening over there. Here’s a few highlights: a set of new commands have been deployed in their TG to get quick info on the network and districts, tons of bugs solved in Meme Factory, District Registry development on course.
In addition to security + privacy advantages, Opacity also offers price advantage
BOMB, BPT and BNTY were listed on ETHOS this week with the latest ETHOS update. WandX founder Abhinav pushed a ton of updates this week. A number of Wanchain and AION smart contracts were deployed to mainnet. Updates to the desktop app will be in realtime so that there’s no need to download the app multiple times. The contracts have been open sourced here and here. Check out a few ways to earn on Uptrennd from this post. And did you know that Uptrennd commands a greater rate of attention than most social media giants? This post from Uptrennd founder Jeff lays it all out. Horizon State founder Nimo Naamani travelled to the ADC Global Blockchain Summit this week to talk about a range of issues from education to the future of organisations. Check out the pictures here and here. And finally, the latest Decentralized WednesdayClub (WED based social network) is in live beta now. A ton of new features have been added. Make sure to post something there and Mike will airdrop some WED (by liking your post). Read more on their weekly Reddit airdrop post.

And with that, it’s a wrap for this week at Parachute. See you soon with another weekly update. Keep Parachuting, keep rocking!
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Weekly Update: Welcome HYDRO to ParJar, Parachute newsletter signup, MatchBX Gigs, Wysker Series and Continuous Wyskering... - 22 Mar - 28 Mar'19

Weekly Update: Welcome HYDRO to ParJar, Parachute newsletter signup, MatchBX Gigs, Wysker Series and Continuous Wyskering... - 22 Mar - 28 Mar'19
Good day everyone! Here’s another update for the whirlwind week we had at Parachute and Parachute/ParJar partners. IRL work keeps me from churning these out on time. Working on catching up quickly to try to post future weekly updates faster:

A cool new community started to interact with ParJar this week. HYDRO was added to ParJar and ParJar added to the Hydro group. Fantom did a shoutout and CoinPedia also tweeted about ParJar. Thank you guys! Which makes me think, if this shoutout of the shoutout to our original shoutout is shoutouted by Fantom again, would it be a shoutoutception? Hmm. Also, we had our quirkiest game in ParJar yet. Parachuters had to use this site to find the most bizarre item. Best ones would win some cool PAR. Haha! The top picks were from Patri cko, Cryptovan and Clinton.
New Wonders of the World circa 2019
There’s a new email signup link for folks new to Parachute. If you’re not receiving Cap’s emails, you can sign up there. Close to USD 600 has already been raised for the Charity Parena. Woot! To get in, make a small donation (min USD 5 or crypto equivalent directly and let Jason know or tip Clinton through ParJar) and get a chance to win a 1-of-a-kind shirt from the Parachute Shop! Plus, kiddie gear is now available in the Parachute Shop. All profits from the shop go to charity. Games Master Jason turned 34 this week. Belated Happy Birthday to ya Florida Man! We had uber fun with an accidental Cap discovery this week. Add your favorite number at the end of the following link to jump to any chat in the group. For example the following link takes you to the first ever message in Parachute. Awesome!
Three Good Bois are counting on you to sign up for the Parachute newsletter
The 2gether card was launched on 27th March for use across the Eurozone. The presale event is now listed on ICObench. Make sure to check out the BCT ANN. Admins on their TG are rewarding members with 2GB who make thoughtful posts there. 2gether has an opening for a Java Software Engineer. Have a look at their job listing and apply if you have what it takes! Spanish speakers are in for a treat this week: Cointelegraph discussed about the company in a write-up, founder Salvador’s article on the zero marginal cost concept was featured in a UNIR publication and CEO Ramon’s interview during a Madrid Stock Exchange visit also came out. The 2GT token will be issued as a Virtual Financial Asset (VFA) in Malta. Read more about it here.
2gether is the only one with a regulated token
Still figuring out how to deploy your trading algo to your Binance account? Here’s a detailed look on how to set up your API keys and deploying a strategy to live markets on Binance using the Cryzen Code Studio. Also, belated birthday wishes to Shuvro. Hope you had a great one! Folks who haven’t subscribed to the Cryzen YouTube yet, subscribe now. They now have a custom handle. Community member Jonny did a little Cryzen shoutout towards the end of his detailed Crypto Asset Prediction Series. This week’s Saturday Rock Wars at PurpleCoin was for the best guitarist of all time. Jimi Hendrix won the public vote by a whopping margin. BOMB token is looking for ambassadors who can bring “liquidity, awareness, and education to the project”. Learn more about it here. Checked out Wysker Series yet? These are listicles of bundled relevant content aimed at user growth. Design geeks will find it fascinating. Plus, the app will see a new feature soon called Continuous Wyskering. Jonathan says: “After finishing one story, users will no longer have to go back to the home screen to discover new stories. Instead, the next story in line can be accessed with a simple swipe.” Neat! And finally, Birdchain has partnered with Blocklads to bring educational content to the app's learn tab. Look out for new content in that section!
Shuvro’s ETC bot showing decent gainz
Gigs are now live on MatchBX. Freelancers can create listings for their services directly and job posters can directly hire freelancers from there. Win win! If you’re not sure of what MatchBX is, read up on it here. Plus, the weekly AXPR burn went on as scheduled. Bounty0x crossed 500k+ monthly page views this week with a ~30% return visitor rate. If you’ve participated in a Cures Token bounty on Bounty0x, this article is super relevant. Also, KABN partnered with Bounty0x this week for running promotional bounties for their token offering. The ETHOS token is now listed on the ChangeNOW exchange. Much has been said about the Voyager-ETHOS deal so far. Shingo explains in this article why the partnership will be “setting new standards of transparency”. District0x’s weekly update covers a range of topics including Brady’s interview with A Garden of Crypto on all things District0x.
AXPR tokenomics
Altcoin Buzz featured Opacity this week and talked about their current development roadmap which includes the 1.0 site launch (which was also this week). Check out for a look and feel of what’s in store for May. Badcredit wrote about Horizon State with a detailed piece. The Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council was announced this week as well. “The voting process has been transparent and historic - for the first time in South Australian Government history, Blockchain technology was used for the voting process." Big up to Horizon State for becoming a part of history! And finally, they closed off the week with a bang by getting listed on John McAfee talks about Switch around the 11 minute mark in this interview with Satoshi Sean. Blockport was the centrepiece of this Coinvision article that explains the ins and outs of both the exchange as well as the BPT/BPS tokens. The Blockport STO is set for April 15th with more details in this post. If you’re interested and live in the EU or the US, the whitelist procedure is explained here. And finally, onto some Fantom news. Coinspeaker elaborates what the myriad partnerships mean for Fantom in this article. Like last week, Fantom capped off this week too with another exchange listing – ChainX. Boom!

Thank you for taking the time. See you soon with another weekly update. Cheerio!
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[PLEASE READ] ZClassic > BitcoinPrivate Snapshot/Fork Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) MEGATHREAD 2.0

I’ve been seeing a lot of repeated questions being asked every day so an updated FAQ/Megathread to address all of those questions will be detailed here. If we are missing something, please feel free to let us know and we will add it. We will try to edit this posting as more information becomes available.
Keep in mind the official Bitcoin Private Support portal has now been launched. We have a live chat feature to chat with support, as well as a knowledge base. Please visit the portal at and use the knowledge base’s search function before asking other users.
Snapshot/Fork FAQ
Claiming BTCP Coins
BTCP/ZCL Exchange and Wallet Support
Donations and Contributions program
BTCP Mining
Wallet Troubleshooting
Miscellaneous/BTCP Project Questions
Donate towards the BTCP contribution team, Your donations are 100% voluntary but they are much appreciated!
ZCL: t1gsePJZ6ojJYygj3PWMGJfojPUoMd5AVfU
BTC: 14Xmfm9jf4h1h4RXZBQCFK6i4LWibqWVPu
BTCP Related Important Links
For the official list of links from the BTCP Github, refer to the repo.
Just a re-iteration, the BTCP team has launched the support portal offering resources ranging from live support from our teams, as well as a knowledge base that is constantly being updated. Again, please feel free to let me know any questions that’s not currently listed above and we will do our best to answer and include it in the megathread.
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Atomic Wallet - Buy BTC with a credit card
Hello, dear readers of my blog. This article is dedicated to the Atomic Wallet. In previous reviews, you familiarized yourself with the wallet and its functions. In this article, I want to present you the option of buying a BTC with a credit card in the wallet itself.
Very interesting and functional, in my opinion, a wallet. A simple and intuitive interface that accommodates convenient options for storing and exchanging basic cryptocurrencies and many tokens. At the moment, it supports more than 300+ tokens and periodically adds new coins. The application constantly updates and improves security, for the safe storage of users' crypto active assets. In more detail, you can familiarize yourself with the project on their official website There you can also download the wallet and subscribe to updates, the wallet is available for all major operating systems. At the moment, the latest version of the wallet is 1.39.1.
Great app for storing your assets. According to the developers, the security of your funds is fully protected. Everything is under your control, passwords are stored with you, you can restore the wallet using the mnemonic 12 words that you write down during installation. Read more about this and how it works here
Your safety is completely in your hands. Do not store keys and mnemonic words on the computer. Compliance with decentralization makes this wallet private and I think users will appreciate the development of a team of project professionals.
This video will help you understand how to buy BTC.
Cryptocurrency can be bought with a credit card. Consider a purchase, on the example of the card Simplex. Simplex is a company that provides secure payment processing worldwide, with minimal risk and no fraud. The technology of this company has proven itself on the market from the positive side and allows you to process online payments, for users, with great speed and increased conversion of declined transactions. Among the partners of the system are well-known exchanges Binance, Kukoin, and many other companies. In more detail, on the official website Simplex ensures that exposure to risk is reduced to zero and is responsible for returns in case of fraud. The project acts as a trusted guarantor of the transaction and makes a confirmation only when all parties report that the transaction was successful. The reputation of the platform can be judged by numerous well-known partners who cooperate with the company Simplex. The collection of personal information is used to provide exchange services and prevent unauthorized actions. Information of users does not apply to third-party resources, and operates only within the system and is provided to companies that participate in a trade operation. At any time, you can delete your data, for this you need to write in support of the site.
When you first purchase BTC, you need to go through the verification process (only once). The minimum threshold for acquiring cryptocurrency is $ 50. Credit or debit cards, Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Basically, the entire operation takes less than a day, but in most cases, much earlier. If a problem arises, you will get a rejection and a full refund. Go to the Buy crypto tab:
After confirming your identity, you choose an amount that is automatically converted into euros or US dollars, then Simplex approves your request and exchanges.
Atomic Wallet, eliminates the problem of interaction between different cryptocurrencies, it is a very convenient wallet that allows you to manage your assets in one place. Atomic Wallet charges you 2% commission.
Atomic Wallet: Buy Bitcoin - Buy Litecoin - Buy Ethereum - Buy Ripple - Buy Bitcoin Cash -
Github : White Paper: Facebook: Twitter: Telegrams: ANN: Medium : Steemit : Reddit :
Bitcointalk Username: FVB Bitcointalk Link:;u=1808846
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[Community Crusade] Getting Aeon to more Exchanges

OK people, let's do it. Aeon is as easy as Monero to add to Exchanges, so I propose we at least try to make Aeon available in all Exchanges where Monero is.
If each one of us here do our part, I'm sure we can get the attention of many Exchanges and get listed. I've made this list to make it easier for everyone to apply to Exchanges. Even if you don't have an account there, let's make some noise!
I got the following list on Coinmarketcap, along with the Exchange channel to request coins. Monero is currently listed in 37 Exchanges:
Exchange Volume 24h (BTC) Website Many Altcoins? How to Request?
B2BX 344 No Twitter, Dedicated form
Binance 195165 Yes Twitter, Coin Apply Page
Bisq 2 No Twitter, Dedicated page
Bitbns 144 Yes Twitter
Bitfinex 76552 Yes Twitter
Bithumb 49577 Yes Twitter
Bitlish 5 No Not possible
Bittrex 12630 Yes We are already there!
Braziliex 57 Yes Twitter, Support page (in Brazilian Portuguese)
BTC Trade UA 20 No Twitter
BTC-Alpha 768 Yes Dedicated form
Coinbe 45 Yes Contact page
CoinEx 2033 Yes Twitter, Dedicated form
Coinroom 1633 Yes Twitter, Contact page
Coinut 41 No Twitter, Support page
Crex24 19 Yes Twitter, Dedicated form
Cryptomate 1 Yes Twitter, send an email to support @
Cryptopia 1002 Yes Twitter, FAQ page
Cryptox 1 No ???
DragonEX 1860 Yes Twitter, Apply page (in Chinese)
Exmo 5920 Yes Twitter, send an email to support @
Exrates 6051 Yes Twitter, Dedicated page 13488 Yes Dedicated page
HitBTC 35552 Yes We are already there!
Kraken 25216 Yes Twitter 218 Yes Dedicated page
Livecoin 4252 Yes Twitter, Dedicated page
Mercatox 772 Yes Twitter, Dedicated page
OKEx 191723 Yes Twitter, Dedicated page
Ovis 397 Yes Twitter
Poloniex 8894 Yes Twitter, Dedicated form
Qryptos 2676 Yes Twitter
SouthXchange 6 Yes Dedicated form and then Voting
Trade Satoshi 28 Yes Twitter, Dedicated page
TradeOgre 38 Yes We are already there!
Tux Exchange 1 Yes ???
Upbit 49 Yes ??? (website in Korean, google translate fails)
Below some info about the Aeon Coin, which may be needed when filling forms:
And some arguments to why add Aeon to an Exchange:
Please let me know if something is wrong or missing!
Let's do it!
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PayeerCoin ICO

PayeerCoin ICO
Trading (Próximamente)
Q-1: ¿Cómo comercio?
Respuesta: Para comenzar a operar en Payeercoin Exchange, primero necesita fondos en su cuenta.
P-2: ¿Cómo cancelo mi pedido?
Respuesta: 'Compra instantánea' y 'Pedidos de venta' no pueden cancelarse una vez que haya hecho clic en los botones 'Comprar XXX' o 'Vender XXX'. 'Abierto
Los pedidos pueden cancelarse si no ha recibido ninguna operación en ellos. Si ha recibido intercambios parciales, puede cancelar
el restante...
Q-3: ¿Alguien puede comerciar con Payeercoin?
Respuesta: ¡Absolutamente! Payeercoin da la bienvenida a todos desde cualquier parte del mundo. Todos los usuarios deben tener un correo electrónico válido válido
P-4: ¿Qué es una orden de compra o venta?
Respuesta: Los usuarios realizan pedidos de compra y venta para intercambiar entre dos monedas en nuestro 'Intercambio', que es un mercado de pares de intercambio.
Así es como se realizan todas las transacciones entre monedas en Payeercoin.
Q-5: ¿Cómo compro Criptomoneda?
Respuesta: Payeercoin Exchange le permite comprar muchas criptomonedas a través de nuestros varios mercados base activos (BTC, USDT,
PYC, LTC y ETH). Para comenzar, necesitará tener alguna criptomoneda en su cuenta para poder operar. Si usted tiene
criptomoneda en otro lugar, ...
P-6: ¿Por qué no se ha completado mi operación?
Respuesta: Si hay una orden de criptomoneda 'Open Trade' en su cuenta, su Trade no se completará hasta que otra
el usuario elige operar al precio de la moneda que ha establecido. TENGA EN CUENTA: Payeercoin no compra ni vende su criptomoneda
monedas, simplemente proporcionamos ...
Q_1: ¿Qué es PYC?
Respuesta: PYC ha creado una criptomoneda llamada "PYC", un tipo de activo digital que se utiliza para almacenar valor. El registrado
Los miembros del proyecto son conocidos grupos empresariales, entidades comerciales y comercio electrónico de todo el mundo. los
La comunidad Payeercoin (PYC), compuesta por muchos miembros, dará prioridad a la construcción de un "comerciante global
sistema de crédito ". Se espera que en los próximos tres o cuatro años, el comercio mundial generará un billón de dólares de
crecimiento anual incremental y promover la transferencia del comercio internacional tradicional restante al comercio digitalizado y
crear oportunidades comerciales anuales adicionales de billones de dólares. Todos nuestros miembros trabajarán juntos para construir un
ecosistema de comercio internacional equitativo y mutuamente beneficioso, y para compartir los enormes dividendos.
• tecnología blockchain
• Descentralizado
• Red de igual a igual
• anónimo
La tecnología Blockchain aporta nuevas soluciones a este dilema al transformar el intercambio tradicional de información de Internet.
en el valor compartido proporcionado por la confianza descentralizada. Por primera vez, tecnología distribuida de blockchain
proporciona registros de transacciones inmutables sin necesidad de garantías de intermediarios externos. Por primera vez,
El comercio internacional que involucra a múltiples participantes puede confiar en la misma fuente de datos y la lógica de negocios construida en el
fuente de datos.
Bitcoin, la primera generación de tecnología blockchain, proporciona la primera solución de pago transfronterizo de digital financiero
moneda sin intermediarios para servir al mundo. La tecnología blockchain de segunda generación Ethereum presentó el concepto de contrato inteligente donde el código
desempeña el papel de ley, lo que garantiza que los participantes no puedan anular y subvertir el contrato anterior y
lógica de negocios. El arbitraje legalmente regulado después del arbitraje de escena actualmente utilizado podría convertirse en un código previamente acordado.
La lógica empresarial como el financiamiento de la cadena de suministro, la carta de crédito, etc., puede ser parcial o incluso totalmente compatible con contratos inteligentes
que nadie puede romper
Además, los tokens basados ​​en tecnologías distribuidas pueden micro-medir el comportamiento comercial y la contribución de cada uno
interesado, transformando así a todos los participantes en una comunidad autónoma proporcionando incentivos o imponiendo
castigos Cada titular de Token preservará el valor del Token a través de sus propios esfuerzos mientras protege su propio
intereses. Al combinar los intereses de cada participante con los intereses de toda la comunidad, Token mejora el comportamiento
de todos los participantes Los creadores de normas comunitarias pueden inspirar y cambiar el comportamiento del comercio internacional existente
participantes formulando reglas para alterar todas las relaciones de producción.
P_2: ¿Cómo puedo participar en la venta de tokens PYC?
Respuesta: Regístrese en nuestro sitio web y configure una cuenta de tablero. Una vez que inicie sesión, encontrará más
instrucciones sobre las etapas y el proceso de venta de tokens. Puede comprar tokens PYC solo a través de Nunca
a través de cualquier otro sitio web.
Q_3: ¿Por qué necesito registrarme?
Respuesta: Al registrarse, obtiene acceso a varias opciones y oportunidades en la plataforma. Puedes rastrear tu favorito
campañas, comentar, compartir, calificar y apoyarlos. Nunca te perderás la mejor oferta y descuento con nuestro
Q_4: ¿Es segura la información de mi cuenta?
Respuesta: Sí, toda su información es 100% segura en nuestro sitio web, también el procesamiento de pagos está altamente encriptado
brindando mayor protección a nuestra base de datos de información. Si tiene alguna inquietud con respecto a nuestro sistema de protección,
visite nuestra Política de privacidad para obtener más información sobre la seguridad de la información en
Q_5: ¿En qué monedas aceptamos para comprar PYC?
Respuesta: Para comprar monedas PYC, aceptamos las siguientes monedas:
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Perfect Money USD (PM)
Q_6: ¿Cómo obtener PYC?
Respuesta: Bono de registro, oferta inicial, minería, verificación de KYC, comisiones de referencia y muchas más oportunidades también.
Q_7: ¿Hay un período de bloqueo de PYC?
Respuesta: No hay período de bloqueo para la colocación pública.
Q_8: ¿Es solo el sitio de monedas PYC?
Respuesta: No, no es solo un sitio de monedas, sino también un sitio de comercio de criptomonedas (como o
Nota: Para operar, establecemos nuestra propia tasa, que es mucho más alta que la tasa de cambio: 1 PYC = $ 4.00- $ 5.00.
Q_9: ¿Cuál es el suministro total de tokens PYC?
Respuesta: El suministro total es de solo 50,000,000 tokens de PYC para uso apropiado solamente. Esta moneda cambiará el sistema de comercio en
El mercado de las criptomonedas.
Q_10: ¿Cómo puedo mantener mis tokens seguros?
Respuesta: Nunca comparta sus contraseñas en línea. Utiliza un administrador de contraseñas.
Q_11: ¿Cuáles son las instalaciones de PYC?
Respuesta: El equipo de tiene veinticinco años de experiencia en el comercio transfronterizo, y todos los miembros del equipo son
de más de 50 países, y hay cientos de socios en el mundo, incluidos.
1) Centros comerciales: ha cubierto el 20% de los 5000 centros comerciales en todo el mundo, cubriendo más de 10 millones de pequeños
y empresas medianas.
2) Centros de exposiciones: más de 20 centros de exposiciones fuera de línea O2O ubicados en América, Europa, Oriente Medio y
El sudeste de Asia.
3) Plataformas de comercio electrónico B2C y B2B: Incluyendo prendas de vestir, productos electrónicos, domésticos y agrícolas.
4) Pago: proveedores de servicios de pago y socios de servicios de banca digital de Nueva Zelanda, Japón, India y
5) Servicios de financiación del comercio: proveedores de servicios de financiación del comercio del Reino Unido, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Japón, India,
Singapur y otros países.
6) Servicios de seguros: compañías o agentes de seguros que ofrecen todo tipo de seguros, incluidos bienes certificados, bienes
seguro de daños y demoras, logística, seguro de carga, seguro de crédito a la exportación.
Q_12: ¿Hay alguna billetera PYC?
Respuesta: Sí, después de completar ICO, con su teléfono inteligente, solo necesita descargar las aplicaciones móviles de PYC, y luego puede comenzar
transfiriendo dinero y haciendo cualquier pago con sus clientes, sus socios, sus proveedores ... Mediante el uso de aplicaciones PYC.
No es necesario llenar toneladas de formularios molestos que son opresivamente complejos y requieren mucho tiempo y pueden resultar en
un retraso en hacer negocios.
Aquí hay algunos tipos de billetera que ofrecemos a nuestros usuarios:
• Billetera de escritorio: Windows, Linux, Mac
• Monedero web:
• Monedero móvil: aplicación de Android, aplicación de iOS
La aplicación de billetera móvil está diseñada con el más alto nivel de seguridad y es realmente una aplicación fácil de usar en la que confiaría
Y cumplir con su satisfacción.
Q_13: ¿Hay alguna negociación PYC y cuándo comenzará la negociación?
Respuesta: Sí, puede comerciar y obtener ganancias en el intercambio PYC. Justo después de la ICO, abriremos el intercambio PYC, así que usted
puede comerciar y comprar PYC. También puede comerciar a través de nuestros pisos asociados, los pisos asociados se introducirán después de la ICO.
El comercio comenzará desde PYC a otras monedas alternativas / criptomonedas (como BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, USDT, etc.) y otras
altcoins / cryptocurrency a PYC. En primer lugar, comenzamos alrededor de 300-350 altcoins para el comercio.
Q_14: ¿Qué son ICO y pre-ICO?
Respuesta: ICO u Initial Coin Offering es un mecanismo para recaudar fondos, bajo los términos de los cuales se venden tokens digitales por
Varias criptomonedas líquidas. Por lo general, se distribuyen tres tipos diferentes de tokens: moneda virtual, utilidad y
equidad. Las monedas virtuales generalmente son monedas con su propia cadena de bloques, que se utilizan como una opción de pago con varias características.
Los tokens de utilidad se usan solo en sus respectivos proyectos, proporcionan bonificaciones o se usan para pagar los servicios. Fichas de equidad, o
valores, ofrecer dividendos u otros medios de ganancias, una participación en una empresa o un derecho de voto. Apoyo de patrocinadores
campañas ahora para obtener algún beneficio más adelante. Pre-ICO: una etapa anterior a la ICO (etapa principal), recaudación de fondos para
proyecto. Pre-ICO se lleva a cabo para probar y verificar la demanda del proyecto, obtener apoyo de la comunidad y expandirse
El presupuesto para la comercialización ante el principal ICO. No todos los proyectos llevan a cabo una pre-ICO. .
Q_15: ¿Qué es KYC y para qué sirve?
Respuesta: KYC ("conoce a tu cliente / cliente / contraparte") y AML ("anti-lavado de dinero") son dos elementos clave de
Procesos modernos de cumplimiento legal. Estas revelaciones tienen varios propósitos: impuestos por los reguladores, ayudan a evitar
financiación cuestionable de regímenes de dictadura, soborno y operaciones de tráfico de drogas, y cualquier fundador sería
feliz de dejar a un lado este tipo de inversores; aplicados por proyectos, ayudan a apuntar a la base de clientes adecuada, aumentar
financiación solo de aquellos tipos de inversores con los que el proyecto es elegible para trabajar, no se enfrentan a reembolsos posteriores a la ICO, tienen
prontas estadísticas geográficas e incluso demográficas; Para los inversores, KYC se convierte en una parte rutinaria de las criptomonedas
operaciones, si estamos hablando de intercambios donde los límites de depósito y retiro se establecen en función de la precisión de
sus datos personales, o la planificación de la declaración de impuestos y el uso posterior de las ganancias comerciales; en una nota separada, vale la pena saber
que los iniciadores de proyectos no se esconden detrás de personalidades falsas y, por lo tanto, existe un menor riesgo de que desaparezcan en el
azul (aunque esto no funciona de manera mágica en los modelos de negocio de los proyectos y las implementaciones de mapas de ruta). PYC tiene como objetivo
Implementar un sistema integral compatible con las necesidades y requisitos de cada parte involucrada en el proyecto
iniciación, recaudación de fondos, distribución de tokens, asignación de recompensas y bonificaciones. En otras palabras, una vez que pasa el
KYC de la plataforma, puede operar con su personalidad / ID digital sin ser interrogado nuevamente.
Q_16: ¿PYC ejecuta algún concurso?
Respuesta: Ofrecemos concursos para nuestros orgullosos usuarios. Obtendrán 100 USD para el concurso de referidos, la compra del concurso PYC, el comercio
concurso individualmente. Actualmente, el concurso de referencias y el concurso de compra de PYC se están ejecutando.
Q_17: ¿Tiene un programa de afiliación?
Respuesta: Sí, tenemos varios tipos de programas de afiliación. El programa básico está diseñado para atraer clientes en línea. Ahi esta
También una oferta especial para socios que desean abrir una oficina de representación o un centro de llamadas y adquirir clientes tanto en línea
y fuera de línea. Si alguien quiere convertirse en representante, contáctenos sin dudarlo.
Haga clic aquí para contactarnos, pagamos hasta el 15% de las comisiones. La cantidad de
Estos pagos dependen de sus líneas descendentes.
Q_18: He recibido una bonificación. ¿Puedo usarlo para comerciar?
Respuesta: Sí, la mayoría de las bonificaciones en nuestra empresa son referencias y bonificaciones comerciales, lo que significa que pueden convertirse en parte
de un requisito de margen si no se han especificado términos alternativos.
Q_19: ¿Qué es el reembolso de PYC?
Respuesta: Según el contrato inteligente de PYC, el 3% de todos los fondos aceptados por el agente de cifrado de sus clientes son
distribuido proporcionalmente entre los titulares de tokens mensualmente. Este programa se lanzará el 01-08-
  1. En detalles próximamente ........
Q_20: ¿Por qué crees que PYC aumentará de precio?
Respuesta: PYC cuenta con el respaldo de un verdadero negocio de corredores de cifrado; Los clientes pueden pagar los servicios de la compañía con estos tokens; PYC
tiene un potencial de inversión como parte del programa de devolución de efectivo.

Para obtener más información, haga clic en el siguiente enlace:

Author: sacurama
My Bitcointalk Profile:;u=2210207
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[Community Crusade, Round 2] Getting Aeon to more Exchanges

~2 months ago I created a thread to make the community, as a whole, try to add Aeon to as much Exchanges as possible, mostly on Exchanges where Monero is too. We got Aeon listed a in few new Exchanges (, LetsDoCoinz), but unfortunately none from the list I created. Shall we try that again?
Many Exchanges charge ridiculous amounts of money to list new coins, but if only 10% of this subreddit users send each Exchange below a message, we can definitely achieve something!
I got the following list on Coinmarketcap, along with the their page to request new coins. Monero is currently listed in the following Exchanges:
Exchange Volume 24h (BTC) Website Many Altcoins? How to Request?
B2BX Medium No Twitter, Dedicated form
Binance High Yes Twitter, Coin Apply Page
Bisq Low No Twitter, Dedicated page
Bitbns Medium Yes Twitter
Bitfinex High Yes Twitter
Bithumb High Yes Twitter
Bitlish Low No Not possible
Bittrex High Yes We are already there!
Braziliex Medium Yes Twitter, Support page (in Brazilian Portuguese)
BTC Trade UA Medium No Twitter
BTC-Alpha Medium Yes Dedicated form
Coinbe Medium Yes Contact page
CoinEx High Yes Twitter, Dedicated form
Coinroom High Yes Twitter, Contact page
Coinut Medium No Twitter, Support page
Crex24 Medium Yes Twitter, Dedicated form
Cryptomate Low Yes Twitter, send an email to [email protected]
Cryptopia High Yes Twitter, FAQ page
Cryptox Low No ???
DragonEX High Yes Twitter, Apply page (in Chinese)
Exmo High Yes Twitter, send an email to [email protected]
Exrates High Yes Twitter, Dedicated page High Yes Dedicated page
HitBTC High Yes We are already there!
Kraken High Yes Twitter Medium Yes Dedicated page
Livecoin High Yes Twitter, Dedicated page
Mercatox Medium Yes Twitter, Dedicated page
OKEx High Yes Twitter, Dedicated page
Ovis Medium Yes Twitter
Poloniex High Yes Twitter, Dedicated form
Qryptos High Yes Twitter
SouthXchange Low Yes Dedicated form and then Voting
Trade Satoshi Medium Yes Twitter, Dedicated page
TradeOgre Medium Yes We are already there!
Tux Exchange Low Yes ???
Upbit Medium Yes ??? (website in Korean, google translate fails)
Below some info about Aeon, which may be needed when filling request forms:
And some reasons to why add Aeon to an Exchange:
Please let me know if something is wrong or missing!
Let's do it (again)!
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What is GRS? A true All-in-One cryptocurrency backed by Grøstl-512 PoW algorithm

GRS is a Bitcoin-based Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency founded in March 2014 with 105M Max supply which uses Grøstl-512 algorithm, a NIST hash function competition SHA-3 finalist. There are no ASICs known at the moment, and an alternative derivate of the algorithm is already developed to deploy on fork if an ASIC is ever created. It was the first cryptocurrency to implement Segregated Witness (SEGWIT) and to make a Lightning Network transaction in the mainnet.
The main features are: Instantaneous transactions, near-zero fee TXs, wallets for every platform, including iOS apple-approved wallets, all of which work flawlessly, Samourai wallets for hidden transactions and wallet funds. GRS also has the ability to make payments using SMS, without needing a mobile internet connection, and address protection, the blockchain does not accept non-valid addresses. Funds are prevented to get easily lost if a mistake is made in the address entry.
The development releases are done quarterly and is done on the 22nd of March, June, September and December. The team has a policy of never pre-announce announcements. All announcements not in the development release are announced on surprise. This has never been breached. All of what has ever been in the roadmap has been released fully and without delay. Next development released is expected to include Trezor and Ledger Hardware wallets and possibly the integration to Rootstock (RSK) smart contracts.
The coin development has never been through any kind of drama. Developers are active in the Telegram and community is pretty focused on technology and long-term real world adoption by sharing the word to merchants, as it is an Open-Source product ready for use which is gaining adoption by small merchants around the world.
The coin is currently valued at around $1.3 and has a market cap of around $94M. The circulation is now 69.9M and the main exchanges where it's traded are: Upbit (South Korea), Binance (Hong Kong, soon Malta) and Bittrex (U.S.A.).
Official Website:
Bitcoin Announcement (ANN):
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MinedBlock - Progressing to become the Amazon of crypto currency industry

In the early times, Bitcoin was a peer-2-peer or rather a person-2-person method of transaction. The mining was done using generic laptop and desktop computers. Over the years, the reputation of bitcoin grew and it came to establish a standard of making a person-2-person method of transaction an act of the past as it became extremely stressful given the growth of bitcoin. This paved way for the evolvement and the firm establishment of leaders such as coinbase and Binance. However, the growth left out the mining area. It is of interest that there isn't really a comparable entity to the established leaders in the mining area of the crypto industry. Minedblock aims to capitalise on the opportunity of the weak system and the low value of the crypto market to establish themselves, hence protecting themselves and investors against any future downturns which is the ladder to becoming a leader in crypto mining.
Competitive Advantages of minedblock
The location where the infrastructure would be hosted are properly surveyed and it is ensured that they are areas of renewable energy.
In due time, the energy sources would be built and made constant and renewable in order to cut low the price of electricity and also to be able to continuously generate revenue regardless of the crypto market returns and prices.
Amazon serve as the world transaction market where you buy goods and materials, minedblock aims to become the amazon of the crypto world becoming a force in the crypto mining arena. Several obstacles have been analysed with approaches made in jumping the hurdle bringing forth an accomplished minedblock.
Token Details
• Token ticker: MBTX • Token offering: STO • Token platform: STO-20 Polymath platform on Ethereum blockchain • Token price: $0.15 per MBTX • Softcap: $1,000,000 • Token sale: 30th March to 30th May 2019
Bounty0x Username supzeel
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Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet
Crypto currency right now has taken a very dynamic step forward with a lot of fantastic projects like Atomic Wallet, it is so obvious that in the nearest future the blockchain will be so much embrace considering it advantages, meanwhile a lot of companies both private and public sector have largely adopted the innovation of the blockchain technology and the government too are trying to gain full knowledge of how blockchain works, but today I want to look at once again amiable cryptocurrency wallet call Atomic, why is Atomic Wallet so special?
right now as I type there are so many cryptocurrencies you want to hold that you can easily feel overwhelmed, right? In that case you must know about different markets, and then you think about which wallets to have. And you will agree with me that this case can be so complicated. Thats why i overreview different cryptocurrency wallets. So that purpose today my subject is Atomic Wallet, Atomic wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that is presently available for all the major Operating Systems on the market right now (Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian Android).
Atomic Wallet Exchange & Orderbook Features
Looking at the features of atomic-wallet I found out that the main feature of this wallet is the decentralized Atomic Swap Exchange, which enable cross-chain swaps and also avoid completely the risks you could face when your trade is run by third party
The Atomic wallet is very much secured in short its 100% secure then it involve a complete and free encryption, which means you could be sure that you will be have maximum and every possible level of security by making use of the atomic wallet. Another thing is that your coins are only controlled by you and you alone, this simply means that even the atomic developers have not access to your wallet or your private keys.
Also Atomic Wallet has already provided support for over 300 cryptocurrencies it is been considered one of the most reliable and secure wallet that gives you the opportunity to take charge abs manage your crypto assets which the need of downloading different kinds of wallet.
Another thing that moves me about this company is that fact that they are active and always thinking of what to do to improve the atomic wallet, they always adding new coins to the wallet so that users can access and trade any coin of their choice.
Looking at The Tokens Atomic Wallet Support?
These are few main tokens supported by Atomic : Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, QTUM, AWC, EOS, Binance Coin, Augur, Aeternity, OmiseGO, Golem and Tron etc. The other tokens consist in more than 300 ERC20-based tokens that were launched via ICOs
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[FOR HIRE] Translation service (Russian-English) and community management (Telegram)

My name is Alex.
I'm looking for a job as a translator from English to Russian, as well as a community manager (telegram) of the Russian-speaking community . I am a Russian-speaking translator (I translated websites, technical documents and much more to such blockchain projects as Loyakk, TronWeeklyJournal, ShareMeAll, FarmToken, MycroJobs and others).

Here are some examples of my work you can see here:
White Papers:

The Farm Token (
ANN Bitcointalk:
BOUNTY Bitcointalk:
White Paper:

Mycro Jobs:
White Paper:

If you have plans to expand to a Russian-speaking audience (this is Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic countries and many people around the world), I could help you - I could be your translator and community manager (telegram) of the Russian-speaking community.
Russian-speaking audience - more than 160 million people around the world. In Russian-speaking countries, cryptocurrencies and cryptoexchanges are very popular.
Many large exchanges already have a Russian-language websites and interfaces - Binance, Huobi, CoinBene, Okex and others.
My website and interface translation services cost $ 300-600 (payable to Ethereum or Bitcoin), and community management costs $ 700 per month. This is the average cost of my services, but it can be discussed depending on the amount of work.

Thank you for reading and hoping for cooperation.
Alex Valov
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Cryptonity Exchange

Today,there are a large number of platforms(crypto-exchanges) that offer cryptocurrency exchange services, some have long occupied a niche in this market and some are just beginning their activities.On many platforms, poor functionality, on other security problems, and support almost everywhere works responsibly enough . I present to you a project that will embody all the functions and responsibilities not available on other crypto-exchanges.CRYPTONITY is a project in the name of which the care of the user is already visible,because the name is a combination of two words Crypto and Community. In this project, security is the main aspect, for which unprecedented measures will be taken:

1.The best security experts in this field will be involved
2.The completion of the audit by independent security companies twice a year
3.The results of the audit will be communicated to users
4.Insurance policy for users in case of loss of funds due to attack
Since security is a top priority, but we know that perfection does not exist and troubles have happened even on decentralized exchanges,insurance will be provided for this,which includes 7 million xny tokens and at the end of sales the developers will hold 10% of the attracted funds for insurance purposes,which will be placed on a cold wallet and its address forThe next important point of the project is communication with users.For this purpose,various communication channels will be opened to quickly respond to user requests.At the initial launch, the Cryptonity exchange will support 4 languages: English, French, Chinese and Korean.Other languages will be added as users request them.For the convenience of users, a multifunctional set of tools for trading will be provided. Developers will listen to the opinion of users to add additional features and coins on this platform.The Cryptonity exchange will issue its xny token, the amount of which will be limited to 100 million.In the future, the exchange will not redeem its tokens to exclude manipulation and deflation .The xny token will work separately outside the Ethereum blockchain. The advantage for the owners of XNY is a lifetime discount of 50% on the payment of commissions as well as allow to participate in the voting "coin of the month".

At the time of writing this article is tocancel project Cryptonity.You can buy xny token for the following currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Binance Coin . For investors, it is necessary to pass the KYC procedure. Since the leading company is located in France,sales will be governed by French laws and regulations.To participate in tokencache can citizens of any country except the United States . After the end of sales, tokens will be issued in 15 working days.Project plans Cryptonity after licensee :

Launching your own blockchain
The launch of the decentralized exchange
In addition to making deposits in cryptocurrency,on this exchange it will be possible to Deposit and withdraw Fiat currencies through SEPA and international Bank SWIFT transfers, which will avoid additional exchanges and commissions.Listing of coins will pass from the fixed Commission shown on the platform and meet the rigorous criteria of the platform(liquidity, support community, user base, sphere of use, trust),the community will have the opportunity to offer the coins via the "Request coins" .To track your profits and losses for each transaction,set price alerts, the "Portfolio" function will be implemented"

The project Cryptonity committed to creating a safe and convenient platform for trading cryptocurrencies. Given the possibility of participating in the listing of coins,input/output of Fiat currencies,risk insurance,a multifunctional set of tools, attitude to the community,I think this project deserves your attention and the prospects for the development of this project is just a matter of time.

More information can be found on the official pages of the project:

Website :

Linkedin :

Whitepaper :

Twitter :

Facebook :

Telegram :

Medium :


Youtube :

Reddit : https://reddit.comcryptonity_exchange

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The fact that the cryptocurrency trading platform or market is selling faster and has an ever increasing demand by users even more than the oil and gas industry trading as it stands today, has alerted as much individuals as possible to want to make investment in the digital currency trading platform. The use of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum tokens and it's likes will in no doubt substitute the traditional payment system for goods and services.
Cryptocurrency has always been in existence, just that not much of the people know about it, only a few do. Today more of it's awareness has been created and almost if not all of internet users are aware of it, as radio stations,television stations and media platforms also aids it's awareness creation. Man as a civilized individual is meant to be adaptable to the changes and not the other way round. One of the core benefits of cryptocurrency trading is the fact that it is independent of bureaucratic compliance and all forms of governmental interference, thereby giving users absolute control of their digital assets.
The core aim or objective of FTEC is to establish an easy and stress free ecosystem for an efficient and effective trading process in the cryptocurrency market, to achieve an increased level of profitability. The automation of all its routine process related to decision making, and the availability of excellent technologies on it's platform, has been able to create a platform that :
Improves trading formats.
Increases the effiency of trade.
To curb risks to its lowest possible form.
Updates on the specifics of digital trading.
Exchange fees are minimal, almost at no cost.
Increase in the number of professional traders.
It unites traders both buyers and sellers on its platform.
Ownership of an infinite trade system, that is always available for sale.
FTEC comes with the following characteristics :
It has an automatic system of trading.
Has all possible trading tools.
Increased profitability.
Transparency in all trades through the use of smart contract.
Accommodates all kinds of traders, new, amateur and skilled.
Tokens are bought at the lowest possible prices.
It's list of ICOs is quite high.
It ensures a good long term investment.
It comes with a user friendly ecosystem.
Makes available high effective trading modules.
Opportunity for users to make revenues based on their own personal recommendations.
It has all manner of tools that enhances trade.
It has on ground team of skilled professionals to offer assistance as at when needed.
The following are list of cryptocurrency modules that are presently working with FTEC :
BittrexPoloniexVobit.netBinanceBiffinexHuobiOkcoinQuoineBitstamp andKraken
CONCLUSION Despite all of the benefits that comes with the invention of FTEC, it's still no new fact that it is no easy way of making money, and it has a similar traits to the game of gambling due to some of the features it came with. To make use of the blockchain technology as a trading tool for increased level of profitability, users must be sensitive to Price, and must study enormous numbers of statistical parameters.
Digital trading just got easier and more exciting with FTEC.
More informations about the FTEC project can be seen by visiting the following links;
ANN Thread:
BTT Username : Chomsy
BTT Profile link :;u=175975
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BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY - You're not a coder but you want to help this great open source project? Here's what you can do

So the crypto space is no longer populated solely by programmers. Many people can't write a line of code but are really excited about the fast-paced developments, especially in an open-source context and want to help in other ways. For those people I've listed some things anyone can do to help the VIA community. This is a work in progress, I'll be happy to add suggestions!
Note that this is not a guide to pumping VIA. This is solely a list of ways to help the community progress and give the project more visibility.
Connect with VIA's social media channels
Since you're reading this, you're probably already subscribed to /viacoin on Reddit. Here are some other channels to like/subscribe/follow/...:
But...but... I don't even use TwitteFacebook/... much, why would I join the channel? Social media numbers are important indicators for exchanges, investment groups, etc. When you apply to be listed on an exchange, they ask for the number of subscribers on these platforms. They want to know that there's a solid basic interest in the project.
Plus, higher numbers make people more curious in general. We see many others are interested in a topic, we ourselves start wondering what it's about.
The Telegram is more or less the beating heart of VIA on the marketing and exposure side. Take a look at it once in a while to see if there is currently an exchange polling for new coins, a reddit post that needs some exposure, etc.
Donate to the marketing budget
The VIA marketing team is currently experimenting with ads on social media. These don't cost much, but there is a cost involved. Consider a small donation to the marketing budget:
BTC: 333qb5W7hskvwTmGaWLAvyirgYe4zpFYZR
VIA: VrJ5UDJu72o1y8FFAmiPZeNgCChPytxibM
This way it's not always the same people bearing the costs.
Spread the word about VIA online
Post news and other content about VIA in forums, local websites, crypto groups, etc. Be prepared for scepticism or lack of response. There are many smaller crypto projects out there and people only have so much time. The focus for VIA has been on technical improvement for a long time, only now is marketing and PR catching up. Persistence is key. After letting 10 messages about VIA pass, someone might start wondering what this project is about after message 11.
When myself and some others started posting on this subreddit and in the big crypto related subreddits about VIA, we'd get an average of 2 upvotes, 2 downvotes and 0 comments. Two months later /viacoin has doubled its subscriber count and posts about VIA are starting to get traction: is an example. There's still a long road ahead, but progress comes with perseverance.
Tell someone about VIA offline
We're not talking about shilling here. With all the news about Bitcoin in mainstream media the subject might pop up at your next family dinner. Tell people about that currently underground cryptocurrency with the 24 second block time, atomic swaps and soon anonymous transactions. It's all about brand awareness here and nothing beats word of mouth in that regard.
You may also think about telling retail store owners about VIA. The local store you visit every day may regret missing the e-commerce boom and want to jump on this train first. Mainstream adoption always creates great exposure for cryptocurrencies.
Don't be annoying online and be a positive member of the community
Go in the VIA telegram chat and tell people about the great idea you have for VIA, instead of asking "When Moon?". Hop on over to the Bitcointalk ANN and let the developers know the hard work is appreciated. Give ViacoinMike a shout out for so enthusiastically working to put VIA in the picture.
When an exchange lists VIA or a big news website dedicates an article to it send them a message saying that you appreciate it. It's a small world, word goes round about communities' ways.
No one in the VIA community is being paid for the efforts they put into this project. It's all passion, a little compliment once in a while encourages people to keep pushing on.
It closes soon, but there is currently a vote on new coins to be added to the Binance exchange:
You may look at the current rankings and think there's no way VIA could catch up and reach the number 1 spot. You'd be correct. But it's still important to show exchanges that, while VIA doesn't yet have the numbers of the big hype coins, there is a solid community that makes it worth listing at some point in time.
Get creative
Become Viacoin Jesus.
Make a Viacoin puzzle
Draw Viachan
Put some sneaky viral marketing on your band's instagram (disclaimer: mine)
To conclude: it doesn't take much to help an open-source project like VIA. But when you start noticing the positive impact of your small contributions, it's very rewarding. Be part of something big.
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CoinMetro — Kripto Yatırımlarınız İçin Tek Adres

CoinMetro — Kripto Yatırımlarınız İçin Tek Adres 2017 boyunca, cryptocurrency döviz ticareti konusunda muazzam bir büyüme yaşadık. İşleri perspektife koymak için, büyük bitcoin borsalarındaki günlük işlem hacminin toplam USD değeri Ocak 2017'de 50–100 milyon arasında seyrediyordu. Bir yıl sonra, Ocak 2018'de günlük hacimleri 1–5 milyar USD (kaynak) arasında değişen seviyelerde gördük. . Bu meteor yükselişi, kriptosanların ana akım benimsenmesinin ve dünyanın dört bir yanındaki insanların paralarını vermeye istekli oldukları yeni bir varlık sınıfının ortaya çıkmasının bir yansımasıdır. Kripto yatırımı ve ticaretindeki bu artan ilgi, birden fazla şifreli ticaret borsalarının başlangıcına yol açtı. İdeal bir Cryptocurrency Exchange ne yapar? Bana göre, en önemli şey marka kalitesi, likidite, garantili gizlilik ve varlıkların güvenliği, müşteri desteği, kullanım kolaylığı — mevduat yaparken, para çekme işlemleri, alım satım vb. Bugün CoinMetro hakkında konuşalım: Gelecekte bir kripto para birimi ticareti ve muhtemelen tüm doğru kutuları ve daha fazlasını işaretler yatırım platformu!
CoinMetro, tanınmış Forex brokeri olan FXPIG’in 2010 yılında kurulan ve NZPIG Grubu’nun dünya çapında 100'e yakın ülkeden müşterilerine hizmet veren Forex Broker’larından biri haline gelmesi için 2010 yılında kurulan Forex brokerını oluşturan ekibin bir beyin fırtınası projesidir. Bu uzmanlık ve ekibin, Crypto-odaklı çabalarına — Coinmetro’yu getirmeye çalıştığı finans piyasaları üzerine anlayışıdır. CoinMetro düzenli bir kripto para birimi değişiminden daha fazla olacak. Borsa Yatırım Kripto Fonlarında (ETCF’ler) sorunsuz kripto-para birimi ticaretini ve yatırımını sağlayacak “çok yönlü bir fintech platformu” olacak. Platformun yanı sıra güçlü bir ICO Express platformu ile birlikte Tokenized Asset Management hizmeti olarak bilinen son teknoloji ürünü bir konsept sunacak. Tüm kripto yatırımlarınız için CoinMetro’yu tek elden bir mağaza olarak düşünün.
CoinMetro’nun ticari kullanıcı arayüzü, kullanıcı deneyimi için büyük önem taşıyacak. Bu, kullanıcıların siparişlerinin kripto para ve fiyat grafiklerini incelemeleri için son derece özelleştirilebilir grafik oluşturma tesislerinden oluşacaktır. Çok çeşitli sipariş türlerini desteklemenin yanı sıra, bu değişim çeşitli kaldıraç seçeneklerinin yanı sıra “Kaldıraç” da sunmaktadır. Bir başka ilginç gerçek ise, borcun, MoneyMetro’nun ortakları ile güçlü bankacılık ilişkileri kurarak mümkün kılan FIAT mevduatlarını ve para çekme işlemlerini destekleyeceğidir. Bu gerçek, FIAT’i desteklemeyen Binance gibi popüler bir değişimin benzerleriyle karşılaştırdığınızda çok büyük. Zirveye çıkmak için, platform kullanıcıları, dünya çapındaki ATM konumlarındaki cüzdanlarından nakit çekebilecekleri bir CoinMetro banka kartı sunacak. Borsa cüzdanı başlangıçta BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, LTC gibi popüler kripto para birimlerini destekleyecek ve daha sonra zamanla daha fazla jeton eklemeye devam edecektir.
Şimdi, burada, CoinMetro platformunun Binance, Kucoin ve Coinbase gibi benzerleriyle karşılaştırıldığında daha çekici önermeleri geliyor. CoinMetro platformu, Borsa Yatırım Kripto Fonları (ETCF) olarak bilinen yeni bir yatırım seçeneği sunuyor. Yatırımcıların finansal, IoT, Eğlence, sağlık gibi çok çeşitli sektörlerdeki varlıklarını çeşitlendirebilecekleri ve böylece toplam riski azaltabilecekleri bir araç olarak, Mutlak Fonlar ve Kripto için ETF’ler olarak düşünün. Geleneksel hisse senedi yatırımında olduğu gibi, çeşitlendirme her zaman risklerin yönetilmesinde yardımcı olur. CoinMetro ayrıca müşterilerinin kendi seçtikleri profesyonel yöneticileriyle birlikte çalışabilecekleri Tokenized Asset Management adlı yeni bir konsept sunuyor. Bu temelde bir yöneticinin yatırımına yatırım yapmayı ve dolayısıyla yatırımların geri dönüşünün bu yöneticinin performansına bağlı olmasını gerektirir. Son olarak, CoinMetro bir “ICOs için inkübatör” gibi olacak bir ICO Express platformu kuracak. ICO’ların sadece duruma göre kabul edileceğini unutmayın; CoinMetro’daki en üst düzey mühendislik üyeleri ICO uygulamalarını gözden geçirecek ve onları onaylayacak ve kabul edildikten sonra, ekipler fonlama mermilerini yürütmek için platformu kullanabilecekler. CoinMetro ICO Express platformundan yararlanan bu ICO’ların, paranın alışverişi için hemen hemen anlık olarak listelenmesi (yani ERC-20, NEP-5 veya NEM tabanlı), böylece onlara likidite katkısı sağlaması için benzersiz bir değer önerisi var.
Telegram — White Paper- BitcoinTalk ANN —
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Binance Coin (BNB) Exchange - Come funziona risparmio fee, buyback & burn Rito Coin Mining Guide - New x21s Algo - Ravencoin Fork BitcoinTalk  How To Register On Bitcointalk  Full Process  In Hindi Crypto Update: Next Bull Run, Bitcoin $9000, Bitcoin SV, EOS, Voice, Binance, Puerto Rico, Act 22 Moon Bot. Tips and TRIСKS on BINANCE FUTURES [ICO] Hdac - Bitcointalk ANN обзор Binance bestätigt DDoS-Attacke  Winklevoss geben Bitcoin Prognose ab  Krypto News 09.02.2018 BINANCE LIVE: Interview with Binance CEO C. Zhao. Announce ... CellBot v1 - Live Crypto #Bitcoin #Trading with an #EXCEL Sheet Fully Automatic on Binance #Binance Podcast Episode 5 - A Talk with Bitcoin Bull ...

Bitcoin Discussion General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections. Moderator: hilariousandco. 2279687 Posts 92131 Topics Last post by NotATether in Re: Satoshi Nakamoto a.k... on Today at 10:23:52 PM Child ... New BitcoinTalk - no ads, no smm, no other spammers. New BitcoinTalk Home News; Binance Coin Explodes as it Moves to New Chain . News feeds from various cryptocurrency informational sources. Moderator: Admin. 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. News Active User Posts: 18 Joined: Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:14 pm. Post Sat Apr 20, 2019 5:57 am. The currency – from one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in ... In the slightly reinterpreted words of “tincan2” on “21 Million Bitcoin . 7.5 Billion people . You do the math.” Before we sign off, it is also noted in Nakamoto’s email with Hearn that Satoshi envisioned a world where 0.001 BTC was equal to that of 1 euro, writing “ For example, if 0.001 is worth 1 euro, then it might be easier to change where the decimal point is ... Binance Coin-Kurs für heute ist $28,04 mit einem 24-stündigen Handelsvolumen von $343.858.796. BNB-Kurs ist um 2.5% gestiegen in den letzten 24 Stunden.Es gibt derzeit eine Gesamtanzahl von 150 Millionen Kryptowährungen und eine maximale Anzahl von 180 Millionen Kryptowährungen. BINANCE MIDAS TOUCH While Mithril was the first project to announce its migration to Binance Chain, others are now following in its footsteps. Red Pulse, a market intelligence platform which covers China’s economy and capital markets, has also revealed that it will be migrating to Binance’s blockchain. Bitcoin-Börsen dagegen sind ein Paradies für Hacker. Dies liegt an einer fundamentalen Eigenschaft von Bitcoins: Sobald die Coins einmal überwiesen wurden, kann die Transaktion durch nichts und niemanden rückgängig gemacht werden. Zumindest heißt es das. Letzte Woche traf es nun Binance, eine der größten Krypto-Börsen überhaupt ... Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume

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Binance Coin (BNB) Exchange - Come funziona risparmio fee, buyback & burn

Binance è senza dubbio uno dei migliori exchange (centralizzati) di criptovalute al mondo. Ci tengo a precisare che non permette al momento di depositare o prelevare tradare valute Fiat. Rito Coin Mining Guide - New x21s Algo - Ravencoin Fork In today's latest speculative coin mining series I go over a the new project Rito Coin. This Rito Coin mining guide will show you how to get ... #BINANCE #BITCOIN #BTC Binance CEO Zhao: In this AMA we are discussing BTC price and talking about Bitcoin price prediction. Also, we prepared an airdrop of 10 000 BTC to giveaway for our followers. Crypto Update on Next Bull Run, Bitcoin $9000, Bitcoin SV, EOS, Voice, Binance blocks US customers, I moved to Puerto Rico for Act 22 so I can get 0% capital... Themen 0:34 Binance bestätigt DDoS Attacke 3:29 Venezuelas Staatskryptowährung wird von anderen Staaten angenommen 5:30 Winkelvoss Zwillinge geben Bitcoin-Prognose ab [ICO] Hdac - Bitcointalk ANN обзор 420BitcoinsTV. Loading... Unsubscribe from 420BitcoinsTV? ... BITCOIN TALK HOW I LOST $40,000 IN ONE DAY - Duration: 26:08. Mischa Janiec Recommended for ... BINANCE and 3COMMAS. Use bots and Smart trading terminal for free. Trade Binance like a pro. Use bots and Smart trading terminal for free. Trade Binance like a pro. Thomas Lee, Co-founder of Fundstrat Global, joins Wei to share his thoughts from a fundamental valuation perspective on the current crypto market and on the ... CellBot can send LIMIT Buy or Sell orders to Binance which are controlled by your current strategy (reaction time is 1-2 sec.) CellBot comes with our default complex Hybrid Strategy which has good ... Bitcoin account kaise create karte hai aur Bitcoin wallet kya hota hai?-tutorial - Duration: 7:20. Abhishek Anand-Learn And Earn 86,818 views